Tall Tales and Short Stories from South Jersey

Tall Tales and Short Stories from South Jersey Cover

Bad drivers (and worse drivers); a three-legged pony named Catsup; a vengeful spirit returned from the dead; the declining years of a couple, one aged in body, one in mind; a solitary morning at the shore; toddler-sized hazmat suits; and realizing the life you didn’t sign up for isn’t so bad after all.

This anthology of short stories from the South Jersey Writers’ Group brings the reader through all phases of life (and the afterlife). With tales ranging from comical to bizarre and everything in between, Tall Tales and Short Stories from South Jersey represents a unique cross-section of contemporary American writing.

Tall Tales and Short Stories from South Jersey was the first collection published by the South Jersey Writers’ Group, and my first editing experience. My co-editor, Marie Gilbert, and I had a great time putting the collection together. Great experience to read other works from our fellow South Jersey Writers’ Group members, and I think it’s really where I got the editing bug. I learned to love digging further into stories to learn more, understand more, know more, and also to figure out how the action could be intensified or slowed down.

The sixteen authors in the book were amazing to work with, and we’ve had a lot of fun promoting the book at local events. If you want to self-publish a book, get a bunch of enthusiastic friends together and publish a short story collection. Then you have a backlist by the time your ready to publish your own!

Today, Steampunk Granny Marie and her sidekick Dawn Byrne run the show with book signings for this book, future books, and the South Jersey Writers’ Group. You can see more about the book’s adventures (and the adventures of the SJWG) on the South Jersey Writers’ Group blog.

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